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August 24, 2011

A Thousand Stars

A Thousand Stars

This tutorial was written for those
Who have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed
PSP- I used X3
But any version should work

Font of choice or the one I am using: Marela
Scrap kit of choice or you can get the one I used here
I used A Thousand Stars by iMagic Reflections
Mask of choice
Plugins: Xero-Frittilary, Xero-Radiance

Artwork is ©Legends Art
You can purchase his artwork at SATC

Open a new image
You can resize later

Open frame 08
Copy-Paste as new layer
Resize 85%
Move towards the upper left corner

Open frame 05
Copy-Paste as new layer
Resize 85%
Move towards the bottom right corner

Grab your background eraser
Erase the parts of frame 05 that overlap frame 08
Merge Down so that both frames are now 1 layer

Grab your magic wand
Click inside both frames
Expand by 5

Open paper 02
Paste as new layer
Activate frame layer
Back on paper 02 layer
Click delete on keyboard
Move under the frame layer
Select none
Drop Shadow the frame layer

Activate the paper layer
Set to your preference

Grab your magic wand
Click inside the top left frame
Expand by 5
Grab the close up tube
Position to your liking
Activate the frame layer
Back on the tube layer- delete on the keyboard
Select none

Duplicate the close up
On the original close up layer
Adjust-blur-gaussian blur-3
On the top close up layer
Change the blend mode to Soft Light
Or one of your choosing
Merge down
Lower opacity to 75
Move below frame layer

Repeat the above steps for the lower right frame

Open your main tube and place to your liking
Duplicate tube
Bottom layer- Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur-3
Top tube layer- Xero Radiance-set to your liking
Change the blend mode to overlay

Choose a paper
Copy-Paste as new layer
Move to the very bottom
Apply a mask of choice
Merge group

Resize if you need too
Add your copyright information
Add your name
Your finished!!!!